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The focus of ToMarket’s  Geotourism Journeys is centered on bringing the wisdom and insights of great adventurers to modern geotourists in a fun and entertaining way that also provides a means of economically and environmentally enriching rural communities and ecosystems with a sustainable approach to cultural heritage preservation. The method of this evangelism rests on the recreation of world famous journals in the actual geographical context of their world explorations.


Teri making sure all the details mesh well for guests of Darwin’s Chiloé

After acquiring an incredibly beautiful 163 acre ranch in Mariposa County, CA, Ken and Teri gained an urgent sense of the current endangered status of rural communities and the environmental stewardship they provide for much of the world’s most beautiful and productive ecosystems. Owning, maintaining and loving the rich habitats found at Birders Homestead Ranch, gave them a deep appreciation of the direct land and water management responsibilities our rural neighbors provide. This experience led to their initiating the John Muir Highway Geotourism Project and evangelizing GEOTOURISM as the best means for protecting these treasures in America and around the world. GEOTOURISM can effectively empower local, rural communities to protect and share their cultural and environmental uniqueness in an approach that retains a rural lifestyle while entertaining geotourists.


Ken exploring El Colorado Ski resort in the Andes Mountains above Santiago, Chile.

Ken began organizing the John Muir Highway Geotourism project effort to name California State Route 132 in honor of John Muir in 2008, crisscrossing Mariposa and Tuolumne counties and other tourism focused conferences and roundtables around California to gain support for the project.  For the history of how this process was completed, readers can go to the following History link and follow the steps needed to get a geotourism project of this kind developed from ground zero to it’s current status hosting the 4th Annual “All Things Muir” festival.

Teri and Ken were pleased to be able to have the Graf-Pulvino Family Fund provide the original grant money to launch the John Muir Geotourism Center (JMGC) in Coulterville, CA, to honor John Muir’s historic ramble route in 1868 from Oakland to Yosemtie Valley. They believe that JMGC’s mission and the dynamic team of board members, staff and volunteers who are developing this effort into a first class geotourism venue and youth education program can bring John Muir’s wisdom to life for visitors on their way to Yosemite National Park. The JMGC team certainly deserves your attention and financial support.

Previous Career Experiences


Ken and Teri visit National Geographic’s Sierra Nevada Map Guide booth – hosted by Nicole DeJonghe of the Sierra Business Council – while attending The International Ecotourism Society conference ( ESTC12) in Monterey, CA.

As an accomplished Sales Professional with an outstanding and diverse record of success in the software sector, Teri Graf-Pulvino has overseen product launches for numerous start-ups from ground zero to $70M for established companies (Apple Computer, Claris, HP). Consistently promoted as a natural team leader, client comments also refer to her excelling as an individual contributor and executive committee member. Honored by Computer Product Selling Magazine as a key industry sales executive with an MBA from Santa Clara University, she is also Bilingual- with fluency in Spanish. 

Ken Pulvino was awarded a BA with Honors distinction in English Literature from SUNY at Buffalo where he participated in a special honors group studying the works of James Joyce under Richard Ellmann. In the mid 1970’s he served as an Editor/Writer for the Speaker’s Office of the NY State Legislature. After being awarded an MBA from a Top 50 program, he focused on strategic software system sales at industry icons such as IBM, Wang Labs, and the Gartner Group. Most recently, his work involved Fortune 500 enterprise learning systems.

In addition to their consulting, Teri and Ken share a lifelong zeal for learning that continues in support of non-profit organizations dedicated to nurturing teens on the way to adulthood in our complex times. Teri served as a member of the Board of Directors for Bay Shore Christian Ministries in East Palo Alto. Teri now serves as a director and Vice President on the board for the John Muir Geotourism Center near their Birders Homestead ranch in Coulterville, CA.,( see photo below). Ken is also engaged in the promotion of geotourism economic development and technology infrastructure enhancements to the Sierra Foothills region and on the Island of Chiloé in southern Chile.

horse at ranch slider